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"We have been struggling for years to find a marketing vehicle that is not only relevant to today's selling environment, but is measurable with a trackable return on investment. This has it. This is truly well conceived and well executed marketing! "
~ Lou Beaudette, President
Admix, Inc.



Our Approach

Don't go it alone. When it comes to the challenges of eMarketing it's best to approach it with a knowledgeable partner.

Our experience shows the best online marketing results are achieved through a comprehensive, measurable approach that combines a smart strategy with an integrated program of creative online media. It’s clear that online audio or video produces much higher engagement levels among your target audience. But we’ve found that it’s not just the media alone – it’s how it’s used to build engagement and build your audience over time that separates a successful campaign from just more online noise.

We’ve got “PEP!”
Our email messaging produces considerably higher than average open and click-through rates. In part this is due to excellent creative and the engaging intimacy of audio. But our Progressive Engagement Process™ (PEP™) built into each message also plays an important role.

PEP™ is a simple but effective approach that entices an email recipient to click the message multiple times self-identifying their interests and trigger points. Multiple clicks produce more engagement and the audio message serves as a powerful inducement to click the action link(s). This approach is even more effective in a larger context when our AudioCards are delivered as a series of messages over time. The messages build on each other and produce both wider and deeper audience participation. The multiple click tracks that PEP™ produces also provide a wealth of marketing information for use in list segmentation, message refinement and improved targeting.

How we work with clients.
Many businesses and nonprofits don’t have the time or the expertise to develop and manage an effective eMarketing campaign. KindStream’s innovative technology, marketing savvy and creative skill keeps our clients ahead of their competition. We rely on proven strategies and integrated marketing methodologies that tie into our clients' existing marketing efforts.

Because what we offer is so specific, our clients are able to realize tangible results almost immediately. We identify promotional opportunities and relevant focal points for the campaign prior to any production. That way, we are tuned into existing strategies and work to bolster and improve success rates of your established goals.

In addition to consulting on strategy our staff creates customized, instant playing web templates that reflect and enhance your branding, produce your audio/video content, manage message delivery timelines and track results with easy to read reports.

Here’s what we provide:

  • Email list development strategies
  • Email list analysis, segmentation and management
  • Identification of promotional opportunities
  • Creative concept development
  • Message integration
  • Scriptwriting and direction of audio/video production
  • Results reports, including:
    ~Message delivery statistics
    ~Message plays
    ~Action clicks
    ~Coupon downloads
    ~Viral pass along rates


The Benefits.

Our clients benefit from our services in a number of ways, including:

  • Increased revenues
  • Expanded email databases
  • Increased referrals
  • Greater brand awareness
  • Positive perception as innovative leader
  • Higher customer involvement with brand message
  • Improved staff morale
  • Increased teamwork


Additionally, our approach has led specifically to improved distributor relations, increased attendance at special events, improved internal corporate communications, and enhanced public relations. Whether your goals are internal or external our specialized strategies will get you there faster.

Get smarter; get KindStream.
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